Why Support AVEH?

Creating permanent, low-income housing for the elders of our multi-generational community couldn't be more important at this moment. Those who have lived their lives creating this beautiful place we call home deserve a beautiful, comfortable, and safe place to call home themselves, as they age out of rural life.

Accessibility & Care

All of our homes are specially designed for the needs of our elders from the ground up. They are located near local markets, healthcare, and a community of support. They also have the amenities needed to help aging bodies live with care and comfort.

Real Homes

AVEH doesn't just aim to create housing - we work hard to create real homes that provide a valuable sense of belonging and wellbeing. It's not just about a roof over one's head. It's about being connected to all the resources one needs to feel secure and cared for.


Our model for low-income elder housing is financially sustainable. Donations allow us to overcome high costs of land ownership and construction, while our affordable rental fees pay for ongoing expenses. This allows us to always be looking forward to building new homes.

Eventually the Anderson Valley Elder Home will comprise a complex that will serve 13 to 18 permanent resident elders, creating a community of support that is close to the important resources of central Boonville. This collection of cottages and duplexes will allow Anderson Valley seniors to live independently while retaining connection to the beautiful land where they’ve lived their whole lives. Already, one cottage and one duplex are complete, with a second 2-person cottage nearly finished. By supporting AVEH, you are helping build permanent, affordable homes that will keep our communities inclusive to the aging individuals who helped make the Anderson Valley such a special place to live in the first place. We have already raised about half of the costs to build our new cottage and just need a little more help to finish paying off construction expenses. You can make a donation today to help us finish paying these costs, with each dollar actually helping us build towards future homes for our seniors. With your support we can create a thriving, sustainable community for our elders.

Help us keep building these important homes by making a donation today!

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