Why Support AVEH?

Anderson Valley’s high rents and urgent housing shortage force many of our seniors to move away. Our mission is to create affordable, independent-living housing so they can stay “at home in the Valley” and we can preserve our multi-generational community. AVEH is not a commercial developer, it’s a community-owned 501c3 non-profit operated by a dedicated, local Board of Directors. Every donation goes toward building and maintaining homes on our Boonville property.

Accessibility & Care

All of our homes are specially designed to provide the amenities seniors need to live in comfort. All new construction is ADA compliant. The homes are located next door to the Senior Center and are near markets, the Health Center, and a community of support.

Real Homes

AVEH doesn't just aim to create housing - we work hard to create real homes that provide a valuable sense of belonging and wellbeing. It's not just about a roof over one's head; it's about being connected to all the resources one needs to feel secure and cared for.


Our model for affordable elder housing is financially sustainable. Thanks to our generous community, donations have allowed us to build Cottage One, while our affordable rental fees pay for ongoing expenses. Our goal is to have Cottage One be fully paid for at completion so that its rental income can contribute to the building fund for Cottage Two, which will be supplemented by donations, grand money and income from fundraising events. We hope to repeat this funding strategy for each subsequent cottage.

AVEH Cottage #1 under construction by our local crew

Cottage One under construction by our all-local crew!

When fully built out, the Anderson Valley Elder Home complex will be able to serve up to 18 resident elders (depending on occupancy) in a collection of homes that allow Anderson Valley seniors to live independently while retaining connections to their community. One house and one duplex are complete and occupied, and our first, brand new cottage is nearly finished – with five more new cottages planned. Your support for AVEH makes it possible for us to continue to build these much-needed affordable homes.

Right now, we need your help to complete the interior of Cottage One. We have already raised over half of our goal and with your help can make the cottage rental-ready. All of your donation today will go toward finishing Cottage One.

Cottage #1, all done but the interior!

Help us keep creating a thriving, sustainable community for our elders by making a donation today. The whole AV community will benefit.

There are many ways you can support AVEH's work

Donate to our important cause!

Donations from our wonderful, supportive community are the backbone of the Elder Home. New housing is built one donation at a time because our goal is to keep it mortgage-free.  


It takes just a minute to make a one-time or recurring donation online.  We are a certified nonprofit and all donations are tax-deductible!

You can also donate real property or stock and/or include AVEH in your estate planning—please contact us if you’d like to discuss these options. All donations are tax-deductible.

Find out how to volunteer!

You can send us an e-mail here to find out about the many ways you can pitch in to help.

Find out how to volunteer!

You can send us an e-mail here to find out about donating time, energy, and even supplies to help us build these important homes. We welcome all kinds of donations for this essential work.

  • You can help out at one of our annual fundraisers (see the Events page),
  • offer your expertise in office/computer skills, gardening, construction or … (?),
  • donate supplies to help us build new cottages,
  • join an AVEH committee as a community member
  • or even apply to join our Board of Directors, if you really want to dive in deeply.

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