Where we are:

Boonville is located on State Highway 128, approximately 115 miles (185 km) north of San Francisco.

Our property is within easy walking distance of Boonville markets, shops, restaurants and post office. The Anderson Valley Senior Center is located just next door, and the nearby modern Health Center provides comprehensive primary care and dental care.

AVMarket Laurens PostOffice_1

Who we are:

The Anderson Valley Elder Home is a community based 501(c) non-profit organization operated by an all-volunteer board of directors. We are funded by the on-going generosity of our community, rental income and occasional grants. We currently own and operate three senior-housing units on our Boonville property and plan to build several additional units on the adjacent lot. 

Our Mission:

“To create and administer a community of small, attractive rental units where seniors can live independently and remain ‘at home in the Valley.’ As a community-based, non-profit organization, our goal is to keep costs low, encourage local direction and participation, and stay dedicated to the long term benefit of Anderson Valley’s seniors and their families.”

Board of Directors:

Arline Bloom                – President
Karen Ottoboni            – Treasurer
Jill Hannum                  – Secretary 
Brian Snelling
Nancy Wood                – Vice President
Mark Rivin

Our Financials:

 Balance Sheet 12-31-16

Statement of Income & Expenses 2016